Wordpress Blog - setting up Wordpress
Christmas Competition
It's Great Being And Indie Author, but...
How I Promoted My Book - Got a book to promote - here is how I promoted mine.
Writing a Book is easy, isn't it? My writing process
Weddings! - cross stitching samplers
A Good Sort of Man - washing man style
Book Launch, Roll the Dice by Robbie Cox
Sons, I despair! - my son drives me nuts sometimes
Attacked in my Bathroom - another one of those stories
Remembering the First Time - This short story is a bit graphic, you've been warned.
Terror - Most of us do it, and hate it.
Memories of a Rose Queen  - hosted by Andrew Simpson
Stitching up Story - Guest Blog by Anesa Miller
Book Launch, Follow You Home by Mark Edwards
Boy Meets Girl - Short Fiction
The Origins of Star Struck - where the idea for my novel came from
Funny Stories  - just that.
What's in a name? - article
Disastrous Round Robin - cross stitching that went wrong
Spooky - can't explain this one
My Cup of Tea or Yours? - a coincidence
A Dead Body - I found a dead body once
The Sweetness of the Seventies - when I was a teenager
An Amusing Story - you won't believe what happened to me.
A Funny Old Day - I have these occasionally
New Year's Resolutions - that time again
McDonalds - a trip to
Embarrassing! - says it all really
Hollyhead Harbour - article
Time Saving more hours in the day, anyone?
The Little Red Book - learning to write more
The Bank Card - another silly story happening to me
Slimming World - here again
The Birth of the Zetmeet - My internet provider back in the 90s
A Writer's Lot - my writing circle in the 90s
50 Shades of Grey - yes, I read it, too.
Reminiscing About Days Gone by - growing up in the 60/70s
A Walk in the Park - walking my dog
With Hindsight - its a wonderful thing, but useless.
Mousey, Mousey - mice, ugh!
How Rude!
Taking a Trip - not what I intended
Dugh! - another one of those stories.
Complaining at Asda - well, other people complain and get rewarded!
Bathroom Encounters - we really did this!
Slop Buckets - no surely not.
Secret Underworld - there is one, but it is rarely acknowledged.

Racial Abuse - its horrid to see
Holmes on Homes - that popular American DIY programme
All New - at the beginning.

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