Thursday, 20 August 2015


We all love a good wedding and I tend to like to give the bride and groom something different for their special day. Back in 2002 one of the popular crossing stitching magazines produced a wedding sampler. It was simple, but effective and I loved the colours. As a result, I've stitched it a total of 7 times.

The last one was for a wedding in July. Because all the squares are lined with each other, I did make an error, not that it can be seen. I think I went wrong on the count of the bells in the middle. This resulted in the gap between one set of squares being slightly smaller than the rest. I don't think it matters too much, though.

Over the seven times I've stitched these I've made some right blunders and as I was about to go into the framers with this one, I had to double check I'd not put Brain instead of Brian. How many times have you seen this mis-spelt? Luckily though, I did it correctly.

Which is more than I can say for this one I stitched for my son and his new wife, below. It is probably the most traumatic one I have done!
I took it to the framers and when I brought it home it was pointed out that I had spelt December wrong. I had actually put Decemember. How I didn't notice, I don't know. It was glaringly obvious. So I had to take the strip off the back and very carefully unpick the weaving and re-stitch it. It turned out to be a good job because you can't tell. However, that wasn't the only error. The centre bell on the right was elongated and this meant the squares at the side wouldn't line up and I had a gap in the centres ones. It was too much for me to unpick it. So I placed the name of the venue I think its very unique!
This was stitched for a girl in the office I worked in at the time. It was the week before her wedding and I had it framed and ready to be wrapped. It was only in a conversation I overheard she mentioned was marrying on the 4th. I had stitched 5th September. So again I had to carefully take the back off, unpick the weaving stitches and re-do the date. She never knew and I don't think you can even tell.

There weren't any errors on this one and it turned out as planned


I decided to write to a cross stitch magazine and had my letter published, which was fun.
This was the second one I did in 2004 and I believe it still sits in their conservatory.
In 2002, I heard that a couple of friends were getting married and knew that this pattern would be perfect, except I only had two weeks to stitch it in. It was a marathon, but I did, and I had it framed and ready to take with me, although I didn't actually attend the wedding. Unfortunately back then I wasn't taking photographs of my stitching.  Within 12 months, they separated and to this day I wonder what happened to it.
One other I did for a couple called Gemma and Paul, somewhere between 2005 and 2008, but I didn't get a photograph of that either, although if I remember correctly, it was error free! 

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