Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Remembering the First Time - Warning! This story is of a graphic nature.

I lay on the bed with my legs up in stirrups waiting for the doctor to come. 

“He won’t be long,” the nurse said.

“I don’t mind, I’m not in a rush.” She knew exactly what I meant and we exchanged a smile.

I thought back to what started all this, to my very first time.

His name was Billy Dukes, a fair haired boy with a perfectly placed mole on his cheek. A group of us had been ice skating and gradually they’d all gone leaving me and Billy alone in the park shelter.

It was dark and late and it’s always easy to talk in the dark. The conversation turned to sex and we both admitted to being virgins.

It suddenly seemed like the perfect opportunity to get rid of that awful tag. So I took off my underwear and he removed his.

We were balanced on the thin length of park bench and what followed was embarrassing and humiliating and to this day still makes me cringe.

There was an awful squelching sound as and I kept coughing to cover it up.

“Are you all right?” he asked.

“Just a tickle in my throat,” I told him. I saw the gleam of his teeth as he grinned.

“We can do that after if you want.”

“Just get on with, Billy,” I told him anxiously, and then I farted. Oh my God, ten years on and it still makes me blush.

I bled and he thought he had cut me because I’d screamed. At least he had the common sense to pull it out  when he came. It squirted like a fountain and I put my foot down and slipped falling off the bench with my skirt over my head and my legs splayed.

After that I never spoke to him again. I couldn’t bear to look at him I was so embarrassed.

Eventually I learned the difference between sex and love and then I met Dave. It happened when we were holiday in the mountains. We made love in front of a fire and it was slow and sensual. Dave was an expert, knowing what to do and the right spots to touch. I’d had my fair share of experiences, too, and  knew how to turn him on. I knew which bits to kiss that made him tremble and he knew I how  loved having the inside of my thighs stroked.

This was my last ante natal visit before the baby was due then Dave and I could get back to real sex again. God, I missed it!

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting Mrs Lord,” the doctor said coming into the room in a rush.

“It’s okay,” I mumbled, bracing myself and closing my eyes.

“Put your feet together and let your knees flop,” he said, as I felt his gloved hand on my stomach and as his fingers were about to enter, he said, “Oh…”

I opened my eyes and saw a perfectly placed mole on his cheek. 


  1. Lmao. At least he too would have learned a little more since 'the first time'!

  2. Haha! I didn't really advertise this one, but you found it! And yes, I should hope so!