Thursday, 14 May 2015

Getting Down with the Authors

I've joined a new group on Facebook called Get Down with the Awethors. Previously I haven't belonged to anywhere that shared my interest. It would have been particularly useful when I had a crisis about my last book - I almost abandoned it thinking it wasn't very good. I didn't, thank goodness.

I've met some really nice people on this group and they have been supportive and helpful. I belong to several other groups related to different subjects and people bicker, but never on here. They have come up with some great ideas and also given me confidence in writing.

My first novel, Star Struck went up on Amazon and I got one awful review in America. She, whoever, she is, hated it and said so. It knocked my confidence terribly. Very slowly since then the good reviews have started to come in.

It's very difficult getting people to review books as most don't understand how important it is, I know I didn't, before I published.  I did a free promotion and 497 copies were downloaded. I don't think I even got one review from there. Again, like me, they may keep it on their kindle a year before actually coming across it one day - I've done that, and wondered why I had waited so long.

I've since realised the importance of writing a review, especially for Indie authors who self publish. It helps with sales and it's a thrill to know somebody has enjoyed what you have written. It certainly perked me up.

I checked yesterday and saw two more had been added. This one from someone called Karen, and no, it wasn't me, wrote.

I read this book and couldn't put it down, brilliant story is all I can say, would love another from this lady

Another the other from 'Amazon Customer' saying:

I enjoyed this book from start to finish. Excellent read.I'd highly recommend this book.

In fact, why don't you nip along to Amazon and have a look, there is one especially good one which is too long to put here and that's from Jennifer. 

After chatting with the good guys at Get Down with the Awethors, they have come up with some really good ideas and as a result, I have totally revamped my website. You can see all my books in one place, and also read about new releases from Indie Authors. I have also introduced a Meet the Author page. So pop over and let me know what you think, and don't hit the share buttons,and say hello via the visitors book.

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