Tuesday, 3 February 2015

A Quick guide to using Goodreads.

I have been with Goodreads for over 12 months, but never quite got the hang of it. I keep going back because I like the concept.

Suddenly things are beginning to make sense, so to help you get started I have listed how I set things up. You can follow my lead and as your get more familiar, you can set it up how you.

 First thing to do is go to create an account.

Next set up bookshelves.

Go to My Books on the title bar

You will see a list of book shelves on the left hand side

First one says:

All – all of your books in one place

Read – showing zero, but will list books you have eventually read

Currently Reading – showing zero, but again will show the book (s) you are reading now.

Next block shows your books shelves. These may already be set up. If they are, ignore for now.

Go to Add Shelf

Name the shelf you want and for simplicity name it - Read 2015

Because I already had books on there, I have created Read 2014 and Read 2013 & earlier as well.

If there are any other shelves there, delete them as this makes the view simple and easier to use.

To delete, go back to the top and where it says Bookshelves, click edit. Use the cross next to the name to delete any that you don’t want.

Click I’m done and you will return to the your main page.

You can now start adding books either into To Read, Currently Reading or Read.

To do this, go to the very top where it says Title/Author/ISBN  This is your search criteria. Put it title or author or ISBN number and find the book you want to adding.

Click it straight into green box called Want to Read, or click the books tab after the word read and select where you want to put it.
If you want to delete a book from your book shelf, go to the top right of the page where there are two icons, one for cover view and one for table view. (Hover your mouse over them to which one is which, the four dots is the cover view and the lines are the table view). You need the table view. See the X at the end, click it.  Go back to cover view as this looks more like a proper library.

To get more out of your experience, whenever you add a book – put in the date you added it and move it to the currently reading folder. When you have finished, add the date you finished it and give it some stars and a review.

That’s enough to get you started, but do please explore the site and keep using it to familiarise yourself with it.

If you need help, then right at the top next to your profile picture, if you’ve added one,  is a drop down arrow, help is at the bottom.

 Happy Goodreads!

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