Sunday, 4 January 2015

New Year's Resolution 2015

Write More and Weigh Less

Write more - I've so many ideas running around in my head, sometimes I find I end up not doing any of them. Not so this time, although it is a little frustrating because I am dying to write properly, because I have been thinking of it so much during the Christmas period. But as hubby is off from just before Christmas, to just after New Year, it's hard to get any sort of routine going.

I have my novel Secrets, the third draft to finish reading through. It's completed and I'm just doing a final read through. Set in the 1970's and told in the first person, Kerry has a dark secret. Because the subject matter is dark, I've tried to make it a light hearted novel, due mainly to her sense of humour and outlook on life. When I've finished I shall send it off to a publishing company to see if I can get anyone interested.

Sometime before Christmas I downloaded a book called 'How to Write a Novel in 8 hours' by Tim Castleman and decided I wanted to write a book called Living in the 70s. Over the Christmas period I have been making notes and following his formula. So I have made several headings and sub headings. Then I need to spend a few hours just writing without any distractions. I haven't been able to do this over Christmas, so I have been adding to the list and looking forward to when I can sit down and just writing.

Weigh less - I've joined Weight Watchers after spending years doing Slimming World on an off. The thing with Slimming World is that although it is a fantastic 'diet' and works well for many people, I need an app to work with and Weight Watchers have a really great one. I'm also in a very small Facebook group and four others have also started Weight Watchers, although some are on Slimming World, we just support each other and swap ideas and recipes. One interesting thing is that we are going to do a healthy swap a month. This month I am going to swap sweetener for honey.

So watch this space - write and weight!

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