Tuesday, 20 January 2015

An Amusing Story

Back in in 2002 my dad was very poorly with septicaemia and was in the High Dependency Unit at Salford Royal Hospital. (That's not the funny bit.)

(This is -) I was going to visit him one day and they had glass or perspex lift which only went up one floor. As I was walking toward the entrance, I could see the lift coming down. It was full of men in suits.

I was anxious to get to see my dad - who did recover, by the way - and I remember thinking, Oh good, as soon as I get there, the men will have disembarked.

As I arrived, most of the men had come out of the lift except two. Now, not being a rude person by nature, this didn't come naturally, and all I will say in my defence is that I was a little stressed at our family circumstances.

The men were chatting as if they hadn't realised that the lift had come to a stop. So standing at the door, I said: "Are you getting out, or what?"

One of the men jumped forward, as if startled, "Oh sorry," he said in his very strong Scottish accent. I then realised, much to the other man's amusement that it was none other than Alex Ferguson.

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