Monday, 3 November 2014

Book Sales

I've self published two collections of short stories and it was thrill to see them go up for sale on Amazon. This now means I am a published author, although I don't feel like one. What I would like is to have an all singing all dancing real novel up there, that would make me a real author, wouldn't it?

I have written a novel and it is being edited and proof read and has been for 16 months - is that usual? Having never had a book edited before, I have no idea, I'm just eager to get it back. Sample chapters have been sent to me, so I know it is being worked on.

I'm working on a second novel as I write this and hopefully that will also add to my credibility as an author.

The Missing was my first collection and to my delight it started selling, so I decided to make it available as a paperback too. I went to for a book cover and a guy called Roy has so far designed me three good quality ones.  Behind the Music followed soon after and sales were not as good, so I put it in paperback too.

Heroes is my latest collection and will be available soon.

Asking for reviews to help with sales, didn't really produce any and I discovered the promotion section in Kindle Direct Publishing on Amazon and was easily able to offer it for free for three days. I then searched for sites to help me promote it and as a result 31 people downloaded it. So hopefully that will generate additional reviews.

I also discovered the wonderful and I was able to set myself up as an author on there. They are very helpful with a great support team.  On there I discovered that I could run a giveaway for a month and have selected 10 copies of the paperback for people to win. At the time of writing this, 70 people have applied and with Goodreads being mainly about reviews, I hope to get a few more and then increase sales.

So it has been quite an busy time for me of late. As with all authors, its back to work for me. I'm on the second draft of my book, called The Secret, set in the 1970s. I'm just working through Chapter Six and one day soon it should appear on my book shelf.

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