Sunday, 15 January 2012

One Wrong Word

This picture was taken in 1993 when I was at Granada Studio tours. I'm wearing my favourite white padded jacket. It was cordinated with my then fashionable track suit.
Everyone has an item of clothing they love and this jacket was mine.
The following year I went on a day trip to Chester with my friend Carole and her two children, Gemma and Helen who were similar ages to my two, Debbie and Ian.
We were having a nice day out at The Groves, ( which is by the River Dee. A boat trip is always a must and and the band stand takes you back to a bygone era when brass bands entertained the day trippers with their trumpets and trombones.
The suspension bridge rocks when there is a wind and I always remember my dad telling me that as a boy in the 40s, he and his brothers used to jump from the bridge into the water and swim. You couldn't do it now, both for safety reasons and of course the water is too dirty.

Helen and Gemma

Debbie and Ian on the bandstand
We were having a lovely day and the kids enjoyed running around on the cobbles and eating ice cream from the kiosks. We were crossing the road when a car went by with a group of lads in it. They opened their window and shouted at me:
"Hey, it's Mr Blobby!" It sort of spoiled the day and I never wore the coat again.

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