Sunday, 31 January 2010

Taking a Trip

The other day I came home from work with a headache. As my husband and I were going out for our favourite Indian restaurant and I didn't have to cook tea, I thought I would go to bed for an hour.

In the bathroom I reached into the medicine cupboard, grabbed a couple of headache tablets before climbing into bed.  It was pleasant after a busy day sounds from outside as the night drew in.  I dozed and when hubby came in, I knew he couldn't resist and grabbed a half hour himself, too.

The headache had gone when I woke, but I decided not to drink and drove to the restaurant. We had a lovely meal and when we had finished I felt extremely fidgety. I put this down to eating too much and needing to get my comfy clothes on.

We walked back to the car and I didn't feel too well. I was suddenly cold too. I drove home feeling positively strange, almost disorientated at times. Perhaps I was coming down with something.

I was looking forward to the evening ahead. The second part of Silent Witness was on and The Celebrity Big Brother final, which I had followed from day one.

On the settee, I felt chilly again, and reached for the blanket.  I'm not one for dozing while watching the television, but I could feel sleep creeping up on me. I longed to close my eyes and knew if I did, I would miss my programmes. So I fought it and started getting the twitches. Something pulsated in my neck and my legs jumped for no reason. It was a peculiar sensation.

I went up to the bathroom, feeling dizzy, and it was only when I sat there I remembered the two headache pills I had popped earlier.

I pulled them from the cupboard and realised with horror they weren't pain killers. The packet just looked like them.

When we went to America last year, a guy from  hubby's work gave him some tablets which he said his wife takes to help her sleep on long haul flights. The label said extra strength, will cause drowsiness, do not drive or operate machinery! I hadn't taken them originally because I'd never used sleeping tablets and to be honest was a bit scared when I read the label.

Not only had a I taken them, but I had driven too - I was high! And they went in to bin.

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