Thursday, 5 November 2009

Holmes on Homes

Mike Holmes is an American builder and his TV show helps people out with building or renovations that someone else has botched up. He is very conscientious and always leaves his customers happy.

One thing that has always irritated me about the programme is that they call it a home right off.

Now to me a house does not become a home until you make it one, yet to them all houses are instantly homes. Okay so it is probably a play on words but it's just wrong.

Then I went over to America, to Massacheusetts. All the houses I saw were well spaced apart in their own bit of land. They weren't uniform either, some were facing forward, some to the side and none of them were the same.

Travelling in the car watching the scenery go by I began to realise, they were actually homes, not just houses. Each one was an individual and looked different from its neighbour.

Perhaps Mike Holmes was right after all and it took me going over there to realise it.


  1. I found this very interesting. You were right when you pointed out that in America, for the most part, each house is on its own piece of land and is different from it's neighbor. But, I still think that it is just a house until you move in and make it a home. I guess it all boils down to how you define home.

  2. Thanks for your posting. You are right, a house is always a house until someone comes in and makes it a home. I just found that the houses in America were different and in a way I could see where they were coming from.