Sunday, 8 November 2009


Yesterday I was going to visit my mum, who lives 15 miles away and also to see my new nephew. So in preperation I went to Asda and bought some things for the baby.

It is lethal going upstairs because you have to pass the clothing area and something always catches my eye.

I came away with a new top and matching earrings. The earring were different from the dangly ones I usually wear and now because I have short hair decided to try studs. At home I put one on to see if it suited me and it looked fine. As I was wearing yellow dangly ones to match my top, I wouldn't wear the new ones yet.

An hour before I left I decided to ring my sister and catch up on the week. I used the mobile house phone and sat in my favourite chair by the window and chatted for an hour - as you do.

I picked up my children from their houses and my daughter asked why I wasn't wearing a poppy.

"I am," I told her and looked down at my coat. The £2 I had paid for my poppy now consisted of a a green stalk and a pin. Duh!

"Do you know you have lost an earring?" my mum said. My hand immediately went to my ears and sure enough only one dangled down. Damn, its so annoying when that happens. I retraced my steps and couldn't find it.

Later I went into my handbag for my mobile and instead, there was my house phone, duh. I must have dropped it in my bag instead of putting back when I spoke to my sister.

That evening as I was getting undressed to go to bed, I went to take out my one earring and their on the shelf was the other. The one I had forgotten to put back after trying on my new ones, duh!

Do you ever have days like that?

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