Monday, 24 August 2009


I've known for a long time about the secret underworld of mobile phone jokes. When Michael Jackson died, it didn't take long for the mobile jokers to set them in motion. Some of the jokes are sick and in poor taste and no one would admit to laughing at them. They could never be broadcast because it would likely cause a public out cry.

I don't receive them, but I know several people that do and they break every diversity, racial or ethnic rule.

Just recently the news has reported that jokes have gone on to a website about a youngster who was electricuted in Liverpool. The site was titled sick jokes and I didn't take note of the address because it doesn't really interest me.

What does surprise me is that I did a search to see if I could find it because I hadn't decided whether to include it in this article. What I did find was plenty of sites offering this kind of humour. And one with a tag line of Playful paedophilia, animal sex, and dead baby jokes. Sick, obviously, but funny if you have a sense of humour and was definitely put off from venturing any further.

So perhaps the secret mobile joksters are not such a secret after all.

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